Novo Nordisk:
Optimised operation of buildings on a regular basis

The challenge?

Novo Nordisk has very large building stocks scattered over many locations. Therefore they need a central alarm system where they can see alarms from all their buildings in a manageable way.

Moreover, they are interested in a supplier independent documentation tool so they will always be able to see the history of changes in each installation, see also Changelogger.

The solution? 

AlarmDirector is installed in all Novo’s sites in Denmark.

Alarms from many different suppliers can now be approached in one place.
Alarms are matched with contact persons and instructions so that an optimized handling of alarms will take place.

With Changelogger as standard system for all installations, their service center can easily track all adjustments made in one installation.

The value?

  • Fewer alarm errors and error calls
  • More efficient and correct reaction to alarms.
  • Moreover, Novo Nordisk has invested in AlarmDirector Building Intelligence because they have an operation strategy which places prevention of problems and a continuous optimisation at the top of the agenda.
  • At the same time, Novo Nordisk has developed a more agile Building Management culture where specialists and sub-suppliers take responsibility for solving alarm problems.

Are you curious to learn more about how you can optimise your operation of buildings? Please feel free to contact us to tell us about your challenges.