Do you know enough about the performance of your buildings?

AlarmDirector Building Intelligence is an addition to the AlarmDirector platform. It uses the alarm data deriving from the normal operation. When alarm data are structured and presented in graphs and figures, it contains a great deal of information about the condition of your building.

Moreover, it also tells you something about the condition of the installations and whether the suppliers complies with the agreements.

When is it an advantage to use AlarmDirector Building Intelligence?

  • You may use the statistical data when taking over the operation of your new buildings and you need to ensure that your suppliers hand over a well-balanced building.
  • Furthermore, you may for instance also document the compliance of the indoor climate requirements and work environment certifications.
  • When outsourcing the operation to a sub-supplier, data can as documentation of the agreement fulfilment while evaluating the operation.

Please contact us if you want to know more about how to implement Building Intelligence in your system.