You get central control across all your systems

The core in AlarmDirector is that the system gathers all your alarms in one place. You get central control across your systems. It is a complementary system which communicates with your current systems, e.g. from Siemens, Schneider Electric or other common suppliers.

We know that enterprises often employ a large number of complex technical installations. If a critical alarm is not handled correctly, it may result in great losses, e.g. if the temperature in a freezer or a cooling department is not correct.

If your BMS systems come from different suppliers, it may imply operating many types of alarm management systems. It may be difficult to ensure an efficient operation without too many alarm calls. The overview may also easily be lost. In this type of situations, AlarmDirector is a very efficient solution.

Please see cases, Novo Nordisk and DTU, etc. for more information on how AlarmDirector delivers in practice.

AlarmDirector is especially aimed at:

  • Large and medium-sized enterprises within the health sector, e.g. the pharmaceuticals and mediotec industry
  • The food industry with production
  • Research environments and universities.

AlarmDirector is also an advantage in other types of enterprises if you have many buildings, many systems, many contact persons and many alarms.

AlarmDirector in practice

AlarmDirector collects and communicates alarms to relevant contact persons, external enterprises and 24/7 control centrals such as Securitas, Jyske Kontrolcentral and Redningsringen.

Alarms from third party systems are collected via plugin modules. Plugin modules are applications developed to interface with each individual sub-system.

BMS Plugin modules

ADK/AIA/ABA Plugin modules

We would be pleased to help you if you have any questions about features, the specific systems, etc. or if you want more information, please contact us.

How are the alarms communicated?

Dispatch modules are applications sending the alarms to the responsible contact persons through different communication channels, e.g. via SMS, email or to a control center.

Each dispatch module has different functions and facilities. Please contact us if you want more information on the functions and requirements applying to the various dispatch modules.


Financing AlarmDirector

You can choose between a one-time licence or a subscription solution.

Please contact us for more information on the prices of an AlarmDirector project matching your scale.