Q5. What is an operational order?2017-03-16T13:44:07+01:00

An operational order is an instruction on how an operator should act when receiving an alarm notification, e.g. if a person should be contacted, whether a guard should be sent out, whether the police or fire brigade should be contacted or whether the area/building should be entered once an alarm has started.

Q4. Which systems can be connected to AlarmDirector?2017-03-16T13:41:22+01:00

AlarmDirector can receive alarms from basically everything. The only requirement is that the system can communicate with a protocol and an available media, e.g. by way of text message, email, TCPIP or a SQL database.

Examples could be TAC, Vista (Schenider-Electric), Desigo Insight (Siemens), Vitani, Buanco, MM8000 (Siemens), Trend, Honeywell, Milestone, Hostmon, etc.



Q3. How do the relevant people get the alarm notification?2017-03-16T13:39:02+01:00

AlarmDirector can be configured and used in many ways. Some people prefer receiving a text message whereas other people prefer a call. Moreover, it is possible to diversify in relation to working hours so that a user can receive a text message while being contacted by an alarm central  outside working hours.

The system can be configured to e.g. send emails and text messages as a general setting, however, the individual user may override the general settings and configure according to own preferences.

AlarmDirector may use different communications channels when dispatching alarms. Usually email, text messages and a dispatch protocol to a 24/7 control center are used.



Q2. What happens when you are on holiday, etc.?2017-03-16T13:37:07+01:00

You can define absence for each user. The absence is temporary and the user will automatically be reactivated after ended holiday, etc. It is possible to appoint a substitute during the period of absence.

Q1. Who can handle AlarmDirector?2017-03-16T13:34:51+01:00

AlarmDirector Client is the application which is used for viewing and handling alarms. The application presents  a list of unhandled alarms.

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly making the system manageable. Therefore, using AlarmDirector Client does not require specific technical understanding.

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