From identification of alarms to an improved overview and efficient operation

When we start a project, the process typically consists of three stages:

  1. We identify your critical alarms and establish AlarmDirector
    In close cooperation with you, we select and set up your critical alarms.
    We will work out a strategy ensuring alarms are communicated to the right contact persons.
    Server and network for control central, if any, are set up.
    The test stage verifies that everything is working correctly.
  1. The operators will be trained and a new strategic cooperation will be established
    Operators will learn how to handle the alarms by participating in a course.
    Strategic guidance to enable you to maintain an efficient cooperation between the management and operations when it comes to handling alarms.
  1. The management gets an operational knowledge base – and can act proactively
    With documentation of how things are performing, you can e.g. on a monthly basis, evaluate the number of alarm calls via the alarm receiving central at night. You simply get a better overview.

AlarmDirector Building Intelligence empowers you to identify potential problems in the operation/production before the problem occurs – and you can optimize the operation. During the corrective actions you can measure whether your actions result in the expected progress.