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Do you have full control of your documentation when changes occur in an installation? With Changelogger you get a system readily at hand where you need it, which documents all changes made in your installation. It may be your own or external organisations servicing your installation. Your installation will be set up in Changelogger, [...]


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You get central control across all your systems The core in AlarmDirector is that the system gathers all your alarms in one place. You get central control across your systems. It is a complementary system which communicates with your current systems, e.g. from Siemens, Schneider Electric or other common suppliers. We know that enterprises [...]

AlarmDirector Building intelligence

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Do you know enough about the performance of your buildings? AlarmDirector Building Intelligence is an addition to the AlarmDirector platform. It uses the alarm data deriving from the normal operation. When alarm data are structured and presented in graphs and figures, it contains a great deal of information about the condition of your building. [...]


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Do you need advice?  You can always get advice about how you handle your alarms in the best possible way in relation to your organisation, regulatory requirements and your existing systems. We advise our customers at two levels: Management/Facility Management Operation We make sure you get prepared to make the most of AlarmDirector, from [...]


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Make the most of AlarmDirector   We recommend that users of the system receive training. Thereby you get the best possible benefit of AlarmDirector. The courses are aimed at two different target groups: Operation and operator course  The participants get to know and get hands-on experience with: The construction and idea of the system [...]


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From identification of alarms to an improved overview and efficient operation When we start a project, the process typically consists of three stages: We identify your critical alarms and establish AlarmDirector In close cooperation with you, we select and set up your critical alarms. We will work out a strategy ensuring alarms are communicated [...]

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